Dream Pass

The Dream Liner is the

most modern large commercial passenger jet

at site publication date. It is a new challenge for the aviation industry to incorporate so many changes into one plane. There will be small problems that will surface
787 dream liner cockpit view
in hours logged by the air craft. First flights have seen some problems with componet batteries. The huge media exposure will greatly exaggerate any problems the plane may have. Competitor air craft magazines will publish any cliches in the hopes of obtaining fall off from bad press. Boeing has its reputation at stake and will not take any chances on their aircraft or passengers. A grounding of the new planes shows just how important safety is.  There is some issues with the new Dream Liner 787. It is totally expected like any new product brought to market.

Boeing has a 360 video presentation called "Dream Pass".    <<<  Click on the text to go to the video link. 360 cockpit view during takeoff, flying and landing. Very cool. Just like the dream liner. You can also do a video tour inspection of the fuselage, engines and wings. Being has nothing to hide and want to show case their awesome plane to the world.
Clicking on image also directs you to video tour. >>>
(360 experience)

The "mood" of the plane can be changed with

advanced lighting control in the 787 dream liner jet

Larger windows and better air quality are designed solely for passenger comfort. In recent years passenger jets have been labeled as "cattle cars" by some in the media. The Dream Liner 787 changes the game. Now passengers fly in a setting similar to a corporate jet. Quiet, fast and environment friendly describes the new dream-liner from Boeing. .The big competitor in this field is Airbus

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