Flight Simulator

There are various

free flight simulators available on the internet

Some may have a free trial period where others supply the program for free. Usually the level of sophistication is higher on paid programs. Check that your computer is compatible with the program before down loading. Your RAM is a big factor in being able to play advanced games. Also your video card.  Many applications are now accessed with cloud computing. Browsers manipulate the protocols to run applications remotely. This eliminates the need to down load a lot of data. The provided links are listed in no particular order. No guarantee that these programs will work on your PC. Use at your own discretion. 

Clicking on text opens link in a new window. Have fun!

Microsoft Flight - download and play free. 

GEFS - free demo and paid program

YS simulator - down load and fly over 40 planes. Can be used as a simulator for your rc plane. Free and paid programs.

Space Flight Simulator - free and realistic

Wings for IPhone. Free version from apple.

Multiple Java mobile flight simulator down loads.

More Aviation Resources

Online free flight planner - free flight plan management.

World Airport Weather - select city / airport for updated info.

Current world weather conditions - very cool and informative map.

Free aeronautical charts - great free resource. Fuel prices, airports, etc. +++

Learn to Fly - pilot training Canada